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Financial Modeling Simon Benninga Excel Files.epub




8.5.03.Save.epub.pdf Financial Modeling Simon Benninga Excel Files.epub. All titles are in Adobe pdf format. Financial Modeling Simon Benninga Excel Files.epub. pdf free download. About the Author Simon Benninga, CFA CIMA, MBA, Ph.D., is the founder of A strong believer in the power of knowledge, Simon also writes about personal finance, investing, and investing education. He is the author of 100 Best Days of Your Life and Who Will Make Your Million. Search for other eBooks & Specials. Only in the eBooks Store...Q: Confusion between Java interface and an abstract class I am confused between a Java interface and an abstract class. An interface cannot have a body and has to be declared in a separate file. But an abstract class can be implemented in separate file and can be declared with body. So what is the use of an abstract class? If an interface is used for communication between classes and an abstract class is used for inheritance, what is the use of an abstract class then? A: The difference between interfaces and abstract classes is as follows: Interfaces do not have bodies Abstract classes can have bodies Think about an interface like a contract. For example a method that is an expected behavior of a particular class that needs to be implemented by that class. Think about an abstract class as a template. For example an abstract class is a class with default methods that any class extending it must implement. This means that abstract classes are really, really useful in situations where multiple classes need to "do the same thing", but they may have some variations in how they do this thing. Then you may want to have some of the work done for you and you would write an abstract class to "hold the answers" in the form of the default methods. Then you would define a set of subclasses that are intended to extend it with additional methods for each variation. It's not exactly like inheritance, but it's a similar concept. The beauty of interfaces is that they define a contract. So you know that the class implementing it has the expected method, and you can test whether that's actually what's going on. A concrete class that has abstract methods must implement these abstract methods, and therefore must




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Financial Modeling Simon Benninga Excel Files.epub

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