Compliant cannabis sampling

Drive product sales and brand interactions by getting your products into your customer’s hands faster.

Strict marketing restrictions for cannabis stand in the way of making impressions and Licensed Producers are in a constant competition to stay top of mind and grow market share. Sampling is the most effective way to overcome your biggest challenge -- getting your cannabis products into your consumer’s hands.

Inspired by sampling in traditional industries, AHLOT’s sample programs drive trial, awareness, and sales of your products to make lasting impressions that count. With solo and shared solutions that suit your specific needs, we make it easy to supercharge your product drops, break through the noise and get your cannabis products into your consumer’s hands.

Our Programs


Inspired by CPG sampling, our solo solution lets you shine with a limited quantity, sample-sized offering of your featured product. Customers will rush to experience your samples and convert into loyalists of your full-sized products.


Inspired by a “flight” of beer, our themed variety packs support your brand’s unique positioning and feature your cultivar alongside a few select, carefully curated LP offerings.

Partner Feedback

“The value that our partnership with AHLOT has brought cannot be overstated. Their team is not only innovative and dynamic, but also extremely knowledgeable with how to market cannabis products under a regulatory regime that is anything but simple.

Leveraging the S^MPLE by AHLOT program was an integral part of our go-to-market strategy and allowed us to commercialize the Grizzlers brand in multiple markets - in record time. The program was designed to drive long term brand awareness and sales, but there was also immediate positive ROI based off the volume of purchase orders alone.

I highly recommend working with AHLOT if you are looking to implement a long term brand strategy that is both creative and sustainable!”

– Matt Watters, CEO, BC Craft Supply Co.


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