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In Need of a Smile?

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

We're giving back to those in need of a smile :)

Hello Thinkers - Dating back to our company’s inception, we’ve always maintained a strong connection to our community. And in today’s isolation, community is more important than ever. We know that some of you may be experiencing physical or mental health challenges, financial hardships and general fear of the unknown. For years, cannabis has served as a medicine and comfort for many - and is finally being recognized as an ‘essential’. As a community driven company of seven, we remain committed to you and would like to do our part. If you, or someone you know*, could benefit from a smile and a thoughtful cannabis experience at this time, let us know what you/they are going through by replying to this email and we’ll provide a code for a free Ritual Box** - all we ask is that you cover the shipping. We'll be fielding messages on a first come, first served basis. If you’re not in a hard spot, please save it for those who are. For our budtender community members who’ve been impacted by recent layoffs or reduced hours, we’re hiring for one paid guest budtender spot on our Cannabis Curation Committee each month. Let us know if you’re interested in joining by filling out this quick application, and we’ll follow-up. This note won’t be shared beyond our AHLOT email and social communities, and we’re not looking for any fanfare. Just think about whose isolation you’d like to elevate - and we’ll take it from there! Stay healthy, safe and thoughtful! Team AHLOT *Must be of legal age in your Province (19+, 18+ in Alberta or 21+ in Quebec) and a resident of Canada **We're giving away up to 100 Ritual Boxes for those in need of a smile 


UPDATE: All Ritual Box codes have been redeemed.

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