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Meet the Growers: JWC

The AHLOT Cannabis Collections High THC pre-roll multi-pack houses three unique brand and cultivars, as high as 25% THC. Here's a peak into the world and people behind the grow.

Life is about passion, and isn’t it everyone’s dream to turn their passion into a profession? JWC's Production Manager Eve Carere has done just that. Her passion for sustainability projects in horticulture and landscape design provided her with the perfect foundation for a career in cannabis at JWC. Eve has been with the company for three years now and has been involved in the cannabis industry across Canada for almost ten years.

Eve’s passion for cannabis has shaped her career, and much like JWC it’s a family affair. She calls it a leap-frog journey, because of her myriad of experiences. She’s travelled across Canada to gain cultivation techniques, including a trip to the Okanagan Valley in British Colombia to learn best practices from her family. When she returned to Ontario, it was the family-founded history and experience with the MMAR (Marihuana Medical Access Regulations) that drew her to JWC. The founders started providing medical cannabis for a collective of patients in 2008 and grew the company based on their grandfather’s passion for agriculture.

“I was drawn to JWC’s role in the industry as a medical cannabis provider and I see a lot of potential for cannabis to play a positive role in the lives of consumers,” says Eve.

She has a unique perspective on how cannabis cultivation impacts her team. “Caring for the plants is a therapeutic relationship that benefits the grower just as much as the plant itself. I call it holistic therapy. Our growers know that they’re part of a process where the circle of care makes its way to the end user experience.”

JWC cannabis is grown aeroponically, which means the roots of each plant are suspended in air rather than a soil-based medium. This process helps us closely monitor and regulate the plant’s growing conditions and nutritional requirements. By minimizing variables and maximizing plant care through holistic therapy, we can provide clean, consistent cannabis for medical patients and recreational users across Canada.

We have a team of growers that each have a close connection with the plants and the culture here. At JWC we’re united by a strong passion for cannabis and respect for its abilities.

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