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AHLOT City Guide: Toronto

We’re all too familiar with the stereotype that’s been thrust upon cannabis users, but we know our Thinkers better than that! Cannabis used recreationally, is meant to inspire minds, awaken our senses, heighten our appreciation of nature, and connect us with people.

If you should find yourself waking up in our beautiful HQ city of Toronto, here’s how we suggest you spend your day:


Good morning Thinkers! Wipe the sleep from your eyes, we’ve got a full day ahead. Feeling sassy? Pack a little something from one of the five brands available in our Discovery Series™ product and bring it to the shower. For you traditionalists, towel off and roll up once you’re all squeaky clean. It’s time to take yourself to a Higher Level.

Ready to go? What do you mean 30 minutes isn’t enough time to get ready? You look great, don’t worry about it, let’s go! The rumbling in your stomach should be all the motivation you need to head out for some breakfast!

First stop, The Smith. This adorable little brunch restaurant is located in the heart of Toronto’s gay village. Rainbow crosswalks and colourful characters set the tone for the day, and welcome visitors to the neighbourhood with a head-nod and a smile. The Smith is spread out between three floors of a classic red-brick Old Toronto house, with a back patio and Juliette balcony for summertime enjoyment. Please order the breakfast pancakes. Just do it. Topped with blueberry whipped cream, candied lemon and maple cream cheese, looking at this delicious (albeit sugary) dish is like looking into the face of God.

Lick that plate clean… wow, I can’t believe you ate all that. As you waddle out of The Smith and back onto the streets of Toronto, orient yourself east – it’s time to walk off those pancakes.

As you leisurely stroll east toward Cabbagetown, take the time to poke your nose into the shops. Canadian beauty brand Deciem has a shop along the way, and there’s an emporium in the heart of Cabbagetown that has fluffy homemade cream cheese. Continue east down Winchester Street, arguably one of the most beautiful residential streets in Toronto - lined with spacious Victorian houses with restored facades and big leafy trees forming a canopy overhead.

You’ve now arrived at Riverdale Park. This beautiful park is separated into three different parts: One, the farm, where you can wander through to look at the horses, say hi to the moo-cows, pet the goats , and watch the pigs roll around in the mud. Two, West, where young families can be found picnicking and playing in the water feature. And three, East, where Torontonians can be found playing soccer, frisbee, baseball or running up and down the steep hill bordering the park. You’ll also find the best views of Toronto’s skyline from this park – if anything, visit this park for the Gram.

As you lay on the lush green lawns of Riverdale park, soaking in the city views, take this opportunity to try another sample from our Discovery Series™. Had a sativa-dominant morning? Let’s try out an indica next! Relax, breath, chat, enjoy.


Time to get on with our day, and now that we’re all on a Higher Level, let’s head back downtown for a pop of culture. The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), is a sprawling building designed by renowned Canadian architect Frank Gehry (Guggenheim Museum, Spain; Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA). It’s home to internationally-celebrated artists like Picasso and Monet, and to Canadian favourites like Emily Carr and Tom Thompson of the Group of Seven; the AGO is a great spot to lose yourself in the visual history of humans. If art isn’t your scene, do it for the Gram, k? The Galleria Italia is the perfect photo opt for your curated social presence.

Looks like the sun is getting low in the sky - you can’t seriously be hungry again? You ate all those pancakes! I guess art and cannabis really work up an appetite. Let’s head on down to the Entertainment District for a bite to eat!

As Torontonians, we pride ourselves on diversity – diversity in people, cultures, world views and most importantly food. Today we’ll save some money on airfare and check out a trendy Thai restaurant on Duncan Street called PAI. Serving up South-East Asia hostel decor with fresh and flavourful dishes from Northern Thailand, PAI will make your mouth water. If you’re feeling adventurous and have immediate access to a washroom, try the Phet Mak Mak spice level, it’ll be the closest you ever get to fulfilling your fire-breathing dragon fantasy!

Time to shift gears and focus on the cannabis highlights of Toronto for the remainder of the afternoon. Kensington Market has a well-known history of tolerance toward those who enjoy the Giggle Bush. The bohemian neighbourhood is home to a variety of bakeries, restaurants, cafes, bars, art spaces, indie shops and vintage boutiques. Kensington Market draws large numbers of open-minded locals and tourists alike and the air is filled with the smell of our favourite flower. If people-watching doesn’t provide enough entertainment and you’re looking for an afternoon party spot, Cold Tea is a speakeasy situated in the back of a janky mini-mall.

Open-up the unmarked door to reveal a back patio with music blasting, people dancing on tables and delicious dumpling snacks. If loud music and crowded patios aren’t your vibe, head down the street to Trinity-Bellwoods park. There, you’ll find a large crowd of laid-back, trendy west-enders playing a variety of instruments, tightrope walking between trees and most importantly, puff-puff-passing our bangin’ bokchoy; that psychoactive sage; you know, the raging romaine, get where we’re going with this?


At this point in the day you’ve done plenty of smoking (or however you choose to consume), eating, drinking and walking. Some may say it looks like you’ve been ridden hard and put away wet – but we don’t think that, we know you’ve got stamina! There’s still plenty of time to enjoy an evening Ritual and head out on our next adventure. Plus, now that the sun’s setting we can’t see how red your eyes are!

If you’re a fan of public humiliation and having your insecurities aired-out in a group setting, or perhaps just laughing at the expense of others, then you’re in luck - Second City is an iconic brand of improv theatre and comedy that has been in Toronto since the 1970s and they’re our next stop on our whirlwind tour of the city. Second City, located in the heart of the Entertainment district, is a great spot to sit back and laugh at some of the best improv talent in the country. For maximum enjoyment, our recommendation would be to partake in your Ritual before the show starts, then grab a nice quiet spot at the back of the room, order some wings and chuckle along.

Well, that’s it! You’ve made it to the end of the day and successfully smashed that lazy-stoner stereotype to pieces. Give yourself a pat on the back, nominate yourself for a Nobel Peace Prize, or maybe just reward yourself with your favourite strain. Legalization day is fast approaching, and attitudes toward cannabis are becoming more tolerant, but there’s still work to be done surrounding the stigma that accompanies cannabis users. We know our community is diverse, inspired and thoughtful. It’s time to show the rest of the world who we are.

Happy Legalization, Thinkers!

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