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What to do in Toronto for $100 (Or Less): Adult Playground

Each member of Team AHLOT received a $100 Visa card as our holiday gift from the company. Here's how we spent it.

By Kaitlyn

No, not that kind of an adult playground. I spent my $100 on a day with my friends at Pursuit OCR, the 30,000 square-foot indoor obstacle course in Etobicoke, Toronto. And on food.

It was a small group of us, comprised of two daily smokers and one relatively new consumer. We geared up for the day with Edison's Rio Bravo from the Discovery Series Vol.1™ (Gifted cannabis is another job perk hehe), a strong sativa that, in my opinion, was the best strain for a strenuous workout.

We went on a typical cold Toronto weekend and were surprised to find no parking spots left. Popular place! Luckily, the lot next door was empty. Sufficiently buzzed from a few tokes of my PAX, our trio headed into the unmarked building.

A room enveloped in an orangey-pink glow greeted our squinty eyes. Top 40 tunes could be heard from further inside. Spotting us awkwardly lingering by the door, the receptionist instructed us to fill out waivers at a row of tablets to the right. The forms had so many questions that we ended up making a game of who could fill it out the fastest. Ah, the thrill of signing our lives away at the touch of a few buttons!

We were totally unprepared and resorted to buying a $3 lock to keep our valuables secured in the metal half-lockers they had set up at the entrance of the cavernous playroom.

Unsurprisingly, we made the code a number that was dear to all our hearts.

When we were finally set to play, I looked around and was immediately intimidated by all the gym-bros and fitspo-gals I spotted. Muscle tees and iPhone workout armbands surrounded us. I didn't even bring a hair tie.

Maybe it was the Rio Bravo talking, but our first thought was "Fuck, we're not fit enough to be here."

We took tentative steps as we set out to explore the space, doing our best to stay out of a fit couples' workout. Upon venturing further into the room, we discovered a non-athletic mix of individuals who seemed less focused on their winter #gains and more into getting the perfect #gram (like us). So we were able to relax a little.

So what was there actually to do?

#1 - Ball Pit

The biggest attraction was a huge pit full of neon orange balls, which my high mind immediately compared to a meal of Cheeto balls for a giant.

#2 - The Ramp

Three ramps (first picture) at the front of the room tested your ability to get yourself up at increasingly steeper inclines after a running head start. If you failed, you slid back down like a sad pancake. We weren't particularly in the mood to embarrass ourselves in front of a long line of fit af people, so we skipped The Ramp.

#3 - The Obstacle Course

Starting at the neon jungle gym, we were able to follow a route built for two people to race through (though no one's actually racing – there are simply too many people doing the course to organize that). We kicked off with some American Ninja Warrior-esque obstacles that required a decent amount of athleticism and the ability to do a pull up. The course eased up as we got going, in my opinion. Not to worry, if you're like me and can't do a pull up to save your life, each section of the course is also walkable/crawlable. It's also here that you'll find the most IG worthy spots, like this rainbow slide.

#4 - The Bike Race

Hidden slightly underneath the overall obstacle course was a lane cleared for a mini bike race. The bikes are built so that at high speeds, you can drift by shifting your weight with your butt. As you can see from the vid, we decided to take it chill and enjoy the lights.

Overall, we spent about an hour at the place. For $20, you get unlimited play time and with the Rio Bravo strain in our systems, it definitely helped elevate the whole experience. Pursuit OCR proved to be a fun indoor activity for a cold winter day, but I'd be hard pressed to suggest a full-day hang at this spot unless you're into extended workouts.

I actually ended up spending the majority of my money on our hot pot dinner together, a dinning option that I highly recommend to everyone and their friends. Tired and already aching from the minimal exercise we did, no one was in the mood to cook. So we hit up T&T, hunted for deals on frozen dumplings like our Asian mothers taught us to and whipped up quite the spread for the night.

We threw on a movie and selected 7ACRES' Sensi Star to go with our dinner. Clocking in at 24% THC, it's the strain with the highest amount of the psychoactive element in our Collection™ , so you know we cleaned off our plates ;)

All in all, it was a great day spent with good friends. We got off our asses, explored a part of the city we never go to and ate to our heart's content. All for under $100.


Price Break Down


Travel (One way)

- TTC: $3.50/each

- Uber: $7.66/each or $23 total


- Entrance Fee: $22.60/each

- Lock: $3


- Hot Pot Ingredients: $33/each

Total: $69.76


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Sep 11, 2021

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