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Worst Day On A Job: Take Your Pick

It's hard to top a job where you get paid to evaluate, but since we've finally revealed who our inaugural Cannabis Curation Committee members are, we thought we'd wrap this series up with a Worst Day On A job post from our Founder and CEO!

by Greg Pantelic

Having come from humble beginnings, there were many jobs, with many worst days.

Whether, as a young boy, carrying sandwich board signage indicating where to purchase hosiery on Spadina Ave or, as a grown man, scooping feeder fish excrement from marketing suites minutes before a presentation, there have been plenty of lows along the way.

The reality is, none of these compare to the many worst days on the job as an entrepreneur.

When people believe in your vision and join you on your mission, you become responsible for humans you care about - their growth, their emotions, their livelihoods.

This comes with a lot of pressure and inevitable lows. It hurts to let yourself down, but it can be unbearable knowing you've let down others. 

Complicating things further, is that in this sport, there’s little to no correlation between the effort you put in, and the end result.

Along the road, I’ve lost founders, lost advisors and lost deals. I’ve also lost friends, and have been abandoned by what were supposed to be incredibly reliable partners. I’ve been told "no" countless times.

But I haven’t stopped (something I learned from the person that set me up with the sandwich board signage gig). And won’t be stopping for the foreseeable future.

If you’re in it for the right reasons, it’s about the journey, the game and the learnings along the way.

And ultimately - in quantity and quality - the good days will outweigh the bad. 

Getting back to work now.

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