9 Comics to Get You Through the Day

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Featuring Derek Evernden's Bogart Creek, Volume 1.

Our CCC member, Derek, recently published his first single panel comic book, Bogart Creek, and we got a few signed copies when we visited him at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival a few weeks back.

Everybody needs a good laugh (laughing makes you live longer), so it's nice to have these smart comics in our office for some chuckles. Here's our team's favourite picks!


Dharmesh's pick: Pg.5 " I love the juxtaposition of class elitism and killing it to create the art that the very same elitists love."

Josh L's pick: Pg.28"Potty humour is always funny and I can relate to the awkwardness of either talking or not talking when next to someone at a urinal."

Greg's pick: Pg. 32

"It's hella cute, c'mon."

Josh B's pick: Pg.54

"Pure evil turned into a joke -- brilliant."

Nigel's pick: Pg.59

"Why this one? Because nobody puts Spartacus in the corner. Iiiiiiiiiiiiii had, the time of my liiiiiiife."

Kendra's pick: Pg.74

"People are so afraid of thinking outside the box, but as a company we are encouraged to every day. It gets less scary the more you do it."

Kaitlyn's pick: Pg.75

"This is definitely what I thought work would be like when I was a kid. Thankfully, this didn't turn out to be true (at least, not at AHLOT)."

Chad's pick: Pg.116

"This was one of my favourite movies in the 80's and Eye of the Tiger was the first 45" that I owned."

Martin's pick: Pg.121

"A classic phrase begging to be rendered literally. The alligator really d