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Meet the Growers: Muskoka Grown

The AHLOT Cannabis Collections High THC Select pre-roll multi-pack houses three unique brand and cultivars, as high as 25% THC. Here's a peak into the world and people behind the grow.

Nestled among the tall pines and pristine lakes of Muskoka, Muskoka Grown prides themselves in growing small-batch craft cannabis that is a reflection of their devotion to every harvest. They believe that quality comes from honest, hard work, and from the passion to do it no matter what. Their effort is consistent, and their growing process is a testament to their craft. Inspired by the natural environment, where the fresh air, natural beauty and unhurried way of life influences everything they do, the thoughtfully crafted company is dedicated to the purity of their flower and the quality of every crop.

Grown indoors, Muskoka Grown’s purpose-built 65,000 square foot facility is on a small patch of land tucked away in cottage country, where they’ve combined old school growing techniques with new age technology. Their thoughtfully designed facility has custom small-batch (1,200 - 2,200 sq ft) hydroponic grow rooms, precise environmental controls, and advanced systems for tracking and monitoring over 1,500 data points. With freshly packaged, high-quality cannabis in mind, they’ve designed specific grow environments and developed specific nutrient and irrigation strategies to fully express the genetic potential of each cultivar.

Muskoka Grown’s Master Grower, Ian Long, is a true artisan and talented next-level botanist with a special something for genetics! The same passion, commitment and attention to detail is echoed throughout the whole team. Everything they do is infused with the Muskoka Grown ethos — crafted with care. It means hands-on attention throughout every phase of growth, personal and professional, sustainable practices, and a strong community-focus.

“Every detail from propagation to drying and curing is tended to with great passion, patience and a determination to bring high-quality, “dank” flower to the Canadian recreational cannabis market,” stated Ian Long, Master Grower, Muskoka Grown.

In sync with Muskoka Grown’s vision, Long has great respect for carefully selected genetics to produce high quality flowers. He also has a passion for growing in small-batch and carefully monitoring data to ensure each plant reaches its full genetic potential! With a deep knowledge of cannabis cultivation, genetics, and production management, he has dedicated his career to understanding every element of the cannabis plant, especially surrounding strain history. If you ever want to “nerd-out” on strains and genetics - Long is your go to guy.

As a Master Grower, Long wears many hats, balancing the growth of plants and supporting operations where necessary. Kicking off each day with a production meeting, his daily routine is then followed by production rounds, reviewing the status and observing details of every grow room before putting on his corporate hat to respond to emails and attend company meetings. Every day Long is faced with something new, whether tending to the breeding and genetics program, adjusting the nutrients of a crop to maintain high growing standards or managing biological controls, such predatory insects, for pest management. Long has immersed himself in cannabis cultivation and the science behind the plant to bring his passion and experience to Muskoka Grown.

Data collection is an important piece of the company's growing process that they’ve integrated into the facility, providing critical insights to the production success over a period of time. Utilising various tracking tools such as Priva and GroSens, data points are collected throughout the plant’s life cycle. In the root zone, Long can track fertilizer content, temperature and moisture content. Muskoka Grown’s irrigation system gives them the flexibility to feed various plants within the same day with specifically tailored recipes. The environmental conditions of each small batch grow room are logged every few minutes, tracking temperature, relative humidity, CO2, etc. The company’s quality control and assurance team regularly analyze irrigation water, environmental parameters, air quality, moisture content etc. utilising their in house laboratory. The list goes on!

All of this is done in the name of the plant and to ensure they maximizes the genetic potential of each cultivar/strain they grow to produce high quality, consistent flower. Muskoka Grown is devoted to bringing you fresh, small-batch, craft cannabis, using clean cultivation and production processes.

What’s Long most looking forward to? The launch of Muskoka Grown’s 3.5g dried flower! With quality as a driving force behind their craft, finding a packaging solution that didn’t compromise on freshness was important. Set out to make a change from the beginning - Long and the entire Muskoka Grown team is proud to introduce the first cannabis packaging for the recreational market in Canada using nitrogen to preserve terpene and cannabinoid content. With the tins freshness is preserved, unveiling a sweet aroma the first time you open the lid of a new Muskoka Grown tin.

Learn more about Muskoka Grown’s fresh nitrogen packaging here.

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