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Introducing the World's First Multi-LP Cannabis Product

Hello Thinkers,

Let's get right to the big news...AHLOT proudly presents the world's first multi-LP cannabis product: Introducing the AHLOT Cannabis Collections: Discovery Series Vol.1™!

Featuring five one-gram samples of the finest strains put forward by five Canadian Licensed Producers, our signature ultraviolet box is set to debut in Canada's recreational cannabis markets come this Fall. We're proud to be the company to link Canada's many superb growers and provide people with a trial experience at a reasonable cost. The relationships we're building are the heart and soul of our brand, devoted to collaboration and curation on your behalf.

And without further adieu, please meet the all-star Licensed Producers, brands and strains included in our inaugural cannabis product:

  • OrganiGram|| Edison Cannabis Co. || Rio Bravo (Wabanaki) || Sativa

  • Starseed|| Saturday || Saturday Afternoon (CBD MediHaze) || CBD Dominant Sativa

  • Emblem|| Symbl || Solar Power (Sour Kush) || Hybrid

  • Solace Health|| Haven St. || No 405 (Shishkaberry) || Indica

  • 7Acres|| 7Acres || Sensi Star || Indica

This product was conceived by analyzing the root of the issue for everyone walking into both government run and private retail cannabis stores; no one has prior experience buying or selling cannabis in a legal environment, leaving new and connoisseur customers alike baffled by all the available choices and sales personnel at a loss for recommendations. Supported by examples in adjacent markets - namely the alcohol and beauty industry, where sample flights and trial sizes provide a solution for overwhelmed buyers inundated with choices - we were inspired to bring our vision to life.

With such a versatile product concept, you can expect to see many more versions hitting shelves as we continue to develop additional themes. The possibilities are limited only by our imagination (and your suggestions, hint hint)!

We welcome any interested producers with their sales license to contact us at for more information about participating in future iterations of our Cannabis Collections™.

Lastly, thank you to all the Thinkers that have supported and cheered us on thus far. We hope we've met your expectations with this one!

- Team AHLOT


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